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  • superawesomeperson09 4 years ago

    Omg i love this! Please do more summer hair tutorials like this :D

  • Monikarita Tolentino 4 years ago

    Ii love this hair style :) could you do a water fall hairstyle with different types of ways to style it pls :)

  • taylorlautnerfan455 4 years ago

    I love your hairstyles! They’re so creative and insanely cute! They’re so fun to do3

  • canexican317 4 years ago

    i love how the hair styles are each different but started from the same base. i would like to request that you do a tutorial on hairstyles for wet hair and on the go. if that makes sense. Like you just got out of the shower and have a small amount of time to do your hair.

  • CthulhuFruitLoops 4 years ago

    I really love how versatile this hairstyle is! I love french-braiding my bangs and leave my hair pin-straight down, but never thought how lovely it could look up in a cute bun, or even with curls! :) All the hairstyles you film are real simple and easy to follow, I love them!

  • NyanRima 4 years ago

    I love your hairstyles, i have even the same haircut as you to make these cute hairstyles on me, tried every single style that you showed in your videos! BIG THANKS TO YOU, you are always smiling and happy in your videos, this makes me happy too!!! ^_^ (srry for my bad english if somethings wrong)

  • Yuuki Giou 4 years ago

    I absolutly love ur hair tutorials ! They are very east to do and follow !

  • Lily Do 4 years ago

    Love the different hairstyles :) it would be great if u could do hair tutorials with the bows

  • jenlong2000 4 years ago

    This hair is so cute!

  • Starpurple111 4 years ago

    please do more tutorials!! can you do some more summer hairstyles that are simple and easy and dont take much time

  • Caitlin Hackbarth 4 years ago

    I love ur transitional hairstyles! Actually, I love all ur videos:) more no heat curls and waves would be awesome 2

  • Kirstie Shelley 4 years ago

    I loved them all!! Make a tutorial that you can use the bows in!

  • Dea Petersson 4 years ago

    And please give me your long hair! Haha, the updo is amazing. Wow. Im gonna use it tomorrow at a birthday!

  • Tanooki1258 4 years ago

    Cute hairstyles to use those bows with!!!! <3 :3

  • xxPastelBeautyxx 4 years ago

    I really like the one with the twisted bun! I think i’ll wear it to my grad party on saturday (:
    Please so more braided hairstyles!

  • Lahari Pathivada 4 years ago

    That’s my style right there, but can you do a famous celebrity hairstyle?

  • dchow102 4 years ago

    I like the hair tutorial! I would love to see more summery hair styles~

  • cutiexistiffany 4 years ago

    I love allll of them!!!! It’s soo cute!!!

  • Dung Tran 4 years ago

    I really like your videos and channel and you’re really cute and pretty. Those bows are soo cute and I would really like to win them :D I would like to see some prom or pool party hairstyles :D Also I’m vietnamese like you so I really think you speak english so well!

  • dianamarquez53 4 years ago

    This one was so pretty for my grashonratshon

  • ilona wapstra 4 years ago

    I love the versatile hairstyles, and I like that you use braids a lot :D 

  • Willowtheepic 4 years ago

    Cute, can u do a natural hair dye tutorial?

  • nyielle 4 years ago

    Love this look! ;)

  • PlainSimple Marlenne 4 years ago

    Those hair bows are adorable! This hairstyle is easy and quick! Thanks

  • xbbyLOVEE 4 years ago

    K-pop inspired or faux short bob tutorial please

  • LucysWorldXD 4 years ago

    I love this look, but I wish to see a tutorial to how to keep a ponytail from falling all day. I think ponytails are so cute but mine always fall after an hour or so D:

  • manca majnik 4 years ago

    i love your channel and all tutorials, specially this one, i would like to see some hairstyles for medium hair please
    and i think the bows are very cute so i would be very happy to win them if i could ^-^
    thanks for being such a sunshine

  • Shaira Gonzales 4 years ago

    love this look!

  • Mel L 4 years ago

    More hairstyles for short/medium hair :D

  • imConnieC 4 years ago

    I looooooooooove it

  • Cheyenne Laicee 4 years ago

    Adorable I love it!:D

  • Floriana Kutrowatz 4 years ago

    Love those hairstyles :)

  • gabrysiaw 4 years ago

    Thanks to you I learnd how to make a french braid ;) I always try to do your hair tutorials but they are not so gorgeous as yours ;3 I don’t have any requests. You always got a perfect and spontaneous ideas, which I love to watch. Keep it Going :)

  • onew2010 4 years ago

    Do a kpop inspired tutorial

  • lovedust200 4 years ago

    Love this tutorial! Maybe for the next one do a kpop hairstyle… Like the bandana look in CL’s new Music Video’