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Get all the tips and tricks from the Victoria Secret fashion show.


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  • 21350ctw 4 years ago

    Is that Millie from Freaks and Geeks at 0:57??? 0:

  • Ashanti Shepherd 4 years ago

    Thats funny i do the same thing with the spoon put them in the freezer at night put them on your eyes in the morning it really works

  • girlwiththeglam10 4 years ago

    ‘Yeah that’s right’ behati is so cute

  • TeddyRay Lynn 4 years ago

    I want to try that spoon trick :)

  • grace miller 4 years ago

    lily’s hair <3

  • lammylammy booboo 4 years ago

    their sooo pretty :’)

  • Holly Lenny 4 years ago

    Exfoliating EVERY day? :O Don’t try this at home kids!

  • happyisbeautiful 4 years ago

    Probably NARS.

  • Schnejl23 4 years ago

    aint nobody got time for advertisements!

  • Montse M. 4 years ago

    aint nobody got time for that

  • Lexi Boo 4 years ago

    Because i REALLY feel like putting cold spoons on my eyes o.o

  • hauted0ll 4 years ago

    The black models are stunning

  • davidjonx4 4 years ago

    Which shine stick is the Black model describing? I want one!!??? XXXX

  • Alyssa Brown 4 years ago

    And for people that are confused Chanel Iman is a 1/4 Korean and the rest is AFRICAN AMERICAN. SO YES SHE’S MIXED, NOT FULLY BLACK BUT MOSTLY BLACK. GOT IT? GOOD.

  • Alyssa Brown 4 years ago

    Chanel Iman is so gorgeous beautiful perfect amazing ahh love her

  • olivekid100 4 years ago

    for me the makeup is not so hard to recreate my problem is the body..i get bored at the gym

  • Mary Garcia 4 years ago

    I feel like Behatis not ALL THAT. why they made her an angel, I will never know. smh

  • smellycatrulesxX 4 years ago

    I’m a girl but I’m honestly in love with that chick. Well, her eyes anyway.

  • Sienna Rocha 4 years ago

    my name is Adriana like aafr

  • SuperGoldwell 4 years ago

    her voice is incredible annoying

  • winojunkie 4 years ago

    dude! she said cheap bones! :S

  • Arcane Windrunner 4 years ago

    haha no cheek bones! :P

  • jasmin11263 4 years ago

    I thought so too but I’m scared they’ll stick & rip off my skin, lol… really no joke!

  • nikaninjah 4 years ago

    cold spoons for dark circles?
    this needs to be tested on my dark circles.. 

  • winojunkie 4 years ago

    did chanel say “cheap bones” at 2:17??

  • Lindsayluver13 4 years ago

    I was talking about someone else not chanel! As for CHANEL her mums 1/2 Korean so that makes Chanel 1/4 korean. google it hon :)

  • Beatrice A 4 years ago

    sleep is important..oops it’s past midnight

  • dimabilan21 4 years ago

    does anyone know what shampoo or conditioner they are using??

  • Kaspar Kovan 4 years ago

    I tried the trick with the freezer spoons! They got stuck to my eyes :(

  • heartstrings11x 4 years ago

    1/4 korean :) Her mum is half korean half african american. her dad is full african american.

  • rgur90x 4 years ago

    You mean the blonde girl in the pink robe? That’s Katsia Damankova.

  • rgur90x 4 years ago

    That make-up artist is so gorgeous and has the cutest, most stylish haircut. Give her a few more inches in height and she’s ready to shoot for VS :D

  • rosesNmudpies 4 years ago

    haha! i watching this video @ 3am & they’re talking about sleep! *facepalm*

  • 2w4nt3d 4 years ago

    i think it’s karolina kurkova

  • MsEmilysa 4 years ago

    Chanel! <3

  • Daisy Gonzalez 4 years ago

    does anyone know the name of the model at 1:03 ???

  • Talia Holly 4 years ago

    she’s half african american, half korean :)

  • Diana505ster 4 years ago

    Wow, some of those tips were actually very useful!

  • SydtheKiddy 4 years ago

    lol a black dude? what ahahaha

  • eHannahMontana 4 years ago


  • miranda t 4 years ago

    you’re all wrong
    she’s half korean and african american -_______-

  • Kayla Price 4 years ago

    I want to try the spoon trick lol

  • Lindsayluver13 4 years ago

    she’s south american