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After a lot of searching, I have finally found a drugstore, waterproof foundation with good coverage! And it may surprise you, seeing as it isn’t even advert…

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  • Mermaid Narina 2 years ago

    Hey guys! Theres a link in the description for a video testing out this
    foundation, as well as an actual full face tutorial! Check it out (its in
    HD too) Bubble kisses x

  • Kara Michelson 2 years ago

    Thanks! I’ve been wondering what to try out. I’m taking water fitness for
    school so I wanted something to stay on even if I went in the water. I have
    a concealer that’s waterproof and works really well(NYX waterproof
    concealer) but I wanted to try a foundation too. Thanks :) 

  • Madalyn Starratt 2 years ago

    Hi! I got your reply, and I would really enjoy the underwater make up
    tutorial! Thank you so much!

  • Switching Scales 2 years ago

    I’d like to see the video you were going to make, an a makeup tutorial!

  • Steph Peacock 2 years ago

    Fantastic video!!! Did you stay underwater for the 4hours and only come up
    to breathe!? No wonder your eyes hurt haha :)

    Please can you take up this video request? Please do a bobbing video – I
    struggle to do it but your videos are so great :) (by bobbing I mean where
    you go underwater, exhale, jump up to breathe and sink straight back under
    really quick, over and over)
    Try and go as long as you can and remember, no goggles!! ;) 

  • Tiger Mangos 2 years ago

    No hate but how the fuck are you puting makeup on for underwater the
    fucking fish

  • LitaKino 2 years ago

    Love your channel :) You post awesome stuff