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If it’s summer where you are, here’s a lightweight makeup tutorial to withstand the heat! It’s waterproof + sweatproof… Hope you like it! Like what you see…

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  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    That was such a cool self adjusting cc cream. Great video. I always go to
    the beach bare faced except for waterproof mascara but, hate how I look. I
    will be trying this look instead – thank you! ♥ Elle

  • Desi Perkins 3 years ago

    Loving that braid 

  • Kalei Lagunero 3 years ago

    I need that makeup forever concealer!!! I’m in Florida and the humidity
    here is real! Thank you so much for sharing a super helpful video Teni! You
    look beautiful as always and I need your lid space!! Lol! 

  • daria morgendorpher 3 years ago

    Eyeko suck, their product quality is terrible and I’m not sure why people
    seem to still use them

  • Teni Panosian 3 years ago

    Poolside or beach bound? Here’s a natural waterproof/sweatproof makeup look
    for those hot summer days! Enjoy! xx

  • Walquiria Correa 3 years ago

    Nice job like always!

    Do you buy any chance know of a good drugstore foundation that i can use? I
    have oily combination skin and live on an island. Too hot, too humid. 

  • Sarah Assakkaf 3 years ago

    Was a great tutorial but I would never put makeup to swim haha

  • Ayesha Mirza 3 years ago

    Loved this makeup look, you never fail to impress Teni!
    I wish you would include bloopers or something at the end of your videos –
    it would be nice to see a bit more of your relaxed, easy going side

  • Blerta Myslimi 3 years ago

    Amazing! ❤️☺️teni help me pick out a bb cream ? Please and thank u !

  • Cristina Thueson 3 years ago

    Teni panosian luv this.. So finally I can go take a dip in the water & not
    look like death rolled over me!! Lol thanks

  • MakeupByHanny 3 years ago

    Great tips! I just started to use MUFE Full Cover Concealer yesterday, use
    it for a morning run, and it works really well! Just wondering, u can use
    that concealer for under eye..?? It won’t crease..?? Cos i found it kinda
    dry in texture.. Please answer.. Thank youu..!! Love this video!

  • kelly kristen 3 years ago

    Can you do a natural make up tutorial or an all drugstore items make up
    tutorial please:) 

  • Natalie65O 3 years ago

    How to stay skinny vid next 

  • Emi Hayashi 3 years ago

    Have you ever considered not filling in your eyebrows? You look great
    regardless but I actually think you look younger with more natural brows.
    Just a thought! Amazing as always! XOXO

  • Aa Bradshaw 3 years ago

    Tht concealer isn’t meant for under eye 

  • kathryn199722 3 years ago

    Gorgeous look, thank you! What kind of coverage would you say the first CC
    cream has? Or maybe you could do a review?;-)

  • Cover FX 3 years ago

    Miss Maven loves our CC Cream! xo

  • Courteney Y 3 years ago

    Teni I really enjoyed this video! The editing was superb and your voice is
    so soothing! One question, its great to have a lighweight makeup look that
    will last all day, but what about taking it off at night?! Do you recommend
    any waterproof makeup removers? xx

  • Dominique Pauyo 3 years ago

    Very pretty summery makeup!!…Love it!!…

  • a13igail 3 years ago

    I have been searching and searching for something like this all week!!!
    I’m going to be going to Cancun in 2 days and I ended up buy drugstore
    products. But will keep this in mind for future reference. Thanks for
    this video :) 

  • KathleenLights 3 years ago

    Your eyebrows give me life. Haha. 

  • Diana0380 3 years ago

    I love that look. So nice. ♥

  • mallory1712 3 years ago

    Oh this is GORG!!! You are selling me on that MUF concealer, it looks so
    lovely! Once again, amazing tutorial Teni!!! xo!

  • Nikol Johnson 3 years ago

    Interesting Cargo product love how it self adjusts!!!! 

  • Karen Ramone00 3 years ago

    Gorgeous but they eyebrows, not for me. 

  • bellajuventina 3 years ago

    What’s the difference between CC cream and BB cream?

  • Beauty by Sara 3 years ago

    I love your videos :) this makeup look is gorgeous ! And the cargo cc cream
    looks amazing 

  • Emilia Cecylia Lipińska 3 years ago

    please tell me what camera lens and lightening do you use Teni?

  • VioletSplendor10 3 years ago

    best heat-proof make-up routine I have ever seen, thank you Teni <3

  • Sincerelyy Eccentric 3 years ago

    How does she pronounce her name?

  • Freelance by Fatema UK 3 years ago

    where is your earring from teni?! x

  • Priya Jhamat 3 years ago

    Hi Teni, love your videos! Wish i had skin like yours too! However I’ve
    been battling acne and its starting to go however I am left with the scars
    and therefore I find it extremely difficult to find foundation that matches
    my skin colour.. I was thinking of getting the CC cream in this video
    however I’m not sure the coverage will be enough for my scars as it looks
    pretty lightweight. I’d appreciate your help :) thanks and keep up the
    great videos!

  • kader çiçek 3 years ago

    Why are you using bronzer all over the face you already have s tan skin