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If you are looking for wedding makeup ideas you have come to the right place. In this video pro makeover artist Meenakshi Dutt shows you a simple yet classy …

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  • Husna Asif 3 years ago

    List the products ma’am 

  • star tanu 3 years ago

    Walykumassalam !! Its an oily and some time its dry …when i reached
    functions its get oily and my face get dulll and look oily + black

  • Yalda Nourzaii 3 years ago

    Is this u calling simple make up uuffffffff I think u should say alot make
    up tutorial 

  • Nishat Karim 3 years ago

    wow she looked stunning!

  • star tanu 3 years ago

    Assalamualykum !!!
    Can u tell me what type of maKe up kit u r using …
    And i am little black ,so plz tell me what type of foundation i use to be
    fair for more then 6 hr plz help me out i want to be look fair in my sis
    marrige …plz help me out ..

  • Tabbatha Seward 3 years ago

    absolutely gorgeous ^_^

  • Kiza Creation 3 years ago

    What foundation do you use

  • Khairo Pool 3 years ago


  • Aishwarya R 3 years ago

    Very nice 

  • Manik Boyajyan 3 years ago

    Hi, I am Manik I like u tutorials I watched all u shows but I want a see
    more slow steps and u products, also if u can show how u r putting the fake
    lashes. Thx


  • makeup Artist Tina Galloway 3 years ago

    be nice if u talked through what u are using and doing too.

  • Gurpreet Dhillon 3 years ago

    hi ! i like all ur tutorials but you go so fast and don even mention what u
    r using, That will b awesome if u could do that n go lil slow, if u post
    videos for training purpose, bur if u r doing just to show your talent
    thats ok. u r very talented, must say

  • aarshie raj 3 years ago

    Absoulty fav…rlly beatful eye make…soo ausm…bilkul…u match d eye
    make up vid d dress…lv ol ur makeup nd its rlly go well nd picture perfct

  • Vox Nation 3 years ago

    she looked prettier w no make up :) 

  • sheena she 3 years ago

    Hi dear sis how ru wow i really love ur make ups,i am a boy who loves to
    dressingas girls for saree competition and can i do make ups with u ,god
    bless you

  • Sneha Loush 3 years ago

    Where is her dress from?

  • Nabanita Chakraborty 3 years ago

    She looks very pretty..n the makeup done is really suiting her…(y)

  • tyro Kinase 3 years ago

    Hi, could you do the hair tutorial on this. Its very pretty. Thanks. 

  • princessaeoifa 3 years ago

    The eyebrows are a bit messed up. But the whole look looks good on her.

  • aadi J 3 years ago

    please list products name & shade..also would like to know which concealer
    exactly you use under eyes..and if you try to film whole outfit, it will
    be great for viewers like me..:)

  • Lovely Wilson 3 years ago

    she’s an so out standing artist. hats off again. very

  • pinkbird1480 3 years ago

    Meenakshi I love this look! You outdo yourself every time. What is the
    product you use before the foundation? It’s always the 1st thing you use,
    in the black container. I’m assuming its a primer, but by which brand? Also
    could you list the products you use in the description box? I’m always
    interested in the pigments and glitters that you use. P.S. I love your own
    personal style.

  • Beauty Mantra 3 years ago

    A very beautiful bride. A very classy makeup. Share your comments :) 

  • Zahra Yavari 3 years ago

    Too much blush, but looks amazing

  • Manik Boyajyan 3 years ago
  • Shanaz Ziyard 3 years ago

    what is tht base ur using 1st

  • videofreak123rf 3 years ago

    Hi where r u located

  • Vd Camelia 3 years ago


  • Hardeep Kaur 3 years ago

    Hey dress is beautiful. …do you know where she got it from or have a full
    pic of her drsss?? 

  • Laishram Dev 3 years ago

    which product using?.

  • rumpa chowdhury 3 years ago

    i love ur makeup soo much,and i never miss a single one. mam can i know the
    products name u use 4 the base make up plz……

  • veeads 3 years ago

    very very pretty.. 

  • Sez LaK 3 years ago

    Love the hair

  • Harjot Kohli 3 years ago

    wow!! simple, elegant n beautiful

  • Syed Ahmed 3 years ago


  • Mutaalimah 3 years ago

    Very nice you so talent but can u list products

  • marlenia mosley 3 years ago

    awesome look

  • amcma2004 3 years ago

    I always love the bright vibrant colors in these videos because it’s not
    like this in american wedding culture. However I feel like the foundation
    is usually put on very heavily and doesn’t look natural at all but not in
    this video it looks flawless and as if she’s not wearing any. The whole
    look is beautiful. 

  • Saba Sayyed 3 years ago

    This is your best makeup till date…the bride looks flawless. .foundation
    for a surprise doesn’t at all look cakey! Good work

  • radhikapatil1986 3 years ago

    i m getting married soon and i m looking forward this!!!!!!!!

  • Zulekah Saad 3 years ago

    This model is so pretty and i love the hair and make up 

  • angélique 3 years ago

    Tout est juste superbe! Le Makeup les vetements la coiffure enfin tout!!