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This is a Snipet of my Series of Makeup classes.

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  • Nosa Starlee 4 years ago

    that girl was in America’s next top model :> 

  • Muslim Momma 4 years ago

    The model is horrible, the faces that she makes, the way she sits, as if
    she doesn’t like it to be there, I found it hard to watch ackwardness

  • NiceAutumnDay 4 years ago

    He’s really good. I love how he is not invading her personal space at
    all… in my experience, a lot of makeup artists are all close up on your
    face, and that makes me uncomfortable. Great job!

  • Kim Neely Scheppegrell 4 years ago

    Very nice work! You are a pleasure to watch:-)

  • alilbitliz 4 years ago


  • Muiguru 4 years ago

    can you PLEASE update your videos there are soo goooood and informative!!!
    i will be waitinggg ;) 

  • HitStep08 4 years ago

    That girl looks familiar….

  • cloelles 4 years ago

    so talented! thank you for sharing this Merrell! :) 

  • TRISH BOVEDA 4 years ago

    GORGEOUS MAKE UP!!!! amaaaazing technique! Suscribing no doubt!!!

  • Boom Chicka 4 years ago


  • Justin Rodriguez 4 years ago

    Yassss Bianca!! 

  • Mathias Alan 4 years ago

    Hi Merrell! LOVED your powdered finger trick! can you PLEASE tell me what
    eyelash curler you used at the very end? I need THAT! love ya!

  • EbonyGirlSpeaks Beauty Naturally® 4 years ago

    I love Wendy’s makeup. she looks good everyday. I look forward to seeing
    much more from you. Bianca is still so pretty.

  • Mumbo Jumbo 4 years ago


  • Kaycee Spicher 4 years ago
  • fiediche 4 years ago

    Great videos but you don’t include what your using in the video… can you
    please include in the description? 

  • Amara Hicks 4 years ago

    I love it. What di you spray in that powder?

  • Rhonda Medina 4 years ago

    Please….you’re too fast. Also, we need to see some close ups. The room
    lighting is dark. I love the looks you create. Please show us the brushes.
    I know this is very important as well. Thank you!!!

  • jamal scott 4 years ago

    amazing I love her from ANTM

  • Sarah Young 4 years ago

    Thank you for sharing your tips and tricks I love it !

  • RoseMakeUpArtist 4 years ago

    I love ow persnl your classs is and how you alwys get such a natural finish
    with your contour and highlight. Are you going to come to London? I’ve
    never attentded a makeup class as it’s harder here to find perfectionists
    and though I’m just starting out know what makeup should like :) PS Can you
    please list tools or how does a new mua building a kit contct you for key
    tools and brands for kit? Thanks and continued success :) xxx

  • ADivaForLife 4 years ago

    When is your next class?

  • Merrell Hollis 4 years ago

    @Eli Leon thanks so much for the compliment but this is just a snipet from
    my class NOT a full instructional video

  • sabrinacroom 4 years ago

    I have curly lashes and have not been successful in applying lashes. Thank
    you for the tip!! I’m definitely going to try what you suggested.

  • Ruby Barajas 4 years ago

    I am speechless !!

  • EPIMakeUpArtist 4 years ago

    I love it except wish the camera man would focus more on your hands,
    products and technique. Seems like it was more focused in you and your
    handsome face.

  • China F 4 years ago

    AMAZING! And I love Bianca!!

  • Earsala Cromartie 4 years ago

    It’s Earsala… please let me know when the next class is please and thank
    you sir.

  • Stephanie Archer 4 years ago

    Loved it!!

  • MsMommysGal 4 years ago

    awesome video! i’m so glad you did this! the model looks gorgeous and you
    did a great job at explaining

  • Beauty Corner 4 years ago

    OMG where can I attend a class? I want to become a makeup artist and
    learning from one of the best would be fantastic!

  • an miller 4 years ago

    Bianca..she from one of the America’s Top Model Seasons!

  • ClassicDame08 4 years ago

    I subscribed before I watch the video! Lol He’s lovely, the tip about
    matching foundation on other areas of the face instead of matching to the
    neck & chest is very interesting, that stood out to me over everything
    else, I want to be educated a little more on what he meant.

  • Jasmine Lewi 4 years ago

    Can I be a face model for your next class

  • mied79 4 years ago

    you need to do a set by step DVD!

  • Laneamua 4 years ago

    Me and my big mouth !!! I learned so much at this class

  • ClassicDame08 4 years ago

    I almost forgot that eyelash curler is insane!!! Lol lol

  • GGFabulous AndTheyKnowIt 4 years ago

    nobody wants to look like wendy. BYE

  • Melly B. 4 years ago

    Where do I find info on the classes? Are they based in NYC?