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PLEASE READ BELOW I had a dream that women were getting cancer from their makeup so although I rarely wear makeup I decided to search for some mineral makeup…

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  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    girl…you’re gonna make me start a product line, dont tell me that! lol Im already busy with Reciprocitee!:) Thx for the info…I use Iron oxides for some of my products already

  • Dawn Michelle 4 years ago

    You can also learn to make your own foundation. I make my own mineral makeup and it isn’t as difficult as you think once you’ve bought your supplies and figured out the correct mix of iron oxides to create your custom complexion shade. I mix either a natural zinc oxide sunscreen with iron oxides or just zinc oxide with iron oxides.

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    thank you much:)

  • polifonyann 4 years ago

    There’s also Earths Beauty Gabriel and also the best foundations are at Fusion of Color. It’s great for black ladies also.

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    cool..thank you!

  • EarthlyReality 4 years ago

    Look into Vapour Organic Beauty or RMS Beauty

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    Awesome! I’ve never heard of those…I have a current stash of mineral makeup now, but will see how I Iike and possibly purchase more if I dont like.  Thx!!

  • Anna Sujaj 4 years ago

    Other brands where you won´t find parabens and other unpleasant ingredients are DR.HAUSCHKA, LAVERA, LOGONA, SANTÉ.. there are surely some more, but these I know are good. Saffronrouge . com and Julie Gabriel´s thegreenbeautyguide . com might help you get oriented.
    There is also SO BIO ETIC and APRIL has a little range called organic but I would check on the ingredients of each product as they sometimes are really organic and sometimes not. :) Hope it helps :) Have fun!

  • Anna Sujaj 4 years ago

    ALVA is a wonderful quality, truly natural and mostly organic, with very high quality. The only thing is they make simple make-up, so you won´t find those 80 shades paletts and so, but their eye shadows are highly pigmented and they have loose powder mineral shades as well, so you can play with the colors on your own. I am going to be trying EVERYDAY MINERALS and MYCHELLE, I have read a lot of good stuff about them and EM has tons of shades and both are found on

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    I need to watch that batman movie again…and thx for being so sweet:)

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    I would be dope to make my own makeup…but Im so busy now doing my body products:/ Perhaps one day! Thx for watcing

  • limergreenlover 4 years ago

    Best thing I can tell you is to research each ingredient. Or – create your own makeup line. Never know- it could go far.

  • matt holcomb 4 years ago

    #1 That batman movie w the joker
    #2 You don’t need any make up
    #3 Keep followin ur dreams, all of them.

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago


  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    Isnt Bare Minerals and Bare Escentuals the same company?  If so, are the colors diff? I will look into that. Thx

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    yeah im cool with Titanium D, and the Cover FX makeup is paraben free, gluten free, vegan and stuff. Thx for the Tarte suggestion

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    You’re welcome! It should be ready by Wednesday…thx for your interest:) Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • naturallytj 4 years ago

    Thank you so much for sharing the links for organic or natural makeup. I am also interested in trying some of the products you offer on your reciprocitee website. When will the website be back up and running? Have a blessed day.

  • MAKEmeUPLamour 4 years ago

    I believe titanium dioxide is similar to sunscreen but not entirely sure. Anything that ends in paraben is bad, its been shown to be related to cancers or cancerous cells. Definitely somethings to look into, of you’re looking for safe makeup definitely go for paraben free. Try tarte Amazonian clay foundation paraben free, great on combination skin

  • rozzjack 4 years ago

    I use Bare Escentuals. It’s wonderful for my oily sensitive skin. They have a new creamy concealer now.

  • debrak04 4 years ago

    Lol @ “holler @ me”

  • Lifeisagift1990 4 years ago

    I use Valana Minerals Stardust Luxury Foundation in Fire Goddess (natural, vegetarian/vegan mineral powder foundation). It’s the perfect shade, gives great coverage and it super lightweight.

    Valana Minerals is owned by a dark-skinned Black woman so the shades are designed with women of color in mind. They offer powder and liquid foundations, lips gloss, eyeshadow, etc.

    Check out the website — valanaminerals[dot]com

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    just found mychelle dot com ALL natural cream mineral makeup…I havent seen any links showing that they sale in stores though:/ I may get the concealer to try

  • trecey920 4 years ago

    yep, decisions decisions. Thanks

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    dreams are dope:)

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    the matte Cover FX is $35 and the cream is $42. They DO have a 100% loose powder mineral foundation that is $37. If I find a 100% natural cream concealer I will buy it along with the 100% mineral foundation from Cover FX. Powders alone just dont provide the finish look that I like b/c it looks like I have makeup on whereas creams look more flawless on me. ah…decisions decisions lol

  • DiscoveringNatural 4 years ago

    I feel the same way about dreams too. Deja vu gets me all the time!!

  • trecey920 4 years ago

    makes good sense! if they’re labeling the food then label the makeup let us know what’s in it!! I agree. No problem, How much is the Cover FX?

  • NappturaliTee 4 years ago

    awesome! Thx:) I will check them out…