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Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Here are some DIY Treats, Activities, Gift Ideas, Outfit & Makeup Ideas for you to do on v-day! Can we get this to 30000 likes?:D Meet & Greet this weekend: Metropolis…

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  • Theresa Blueberry 4 years ago

    I am always in love with your video! And your music choice was awesome. And
    your editing was perf. And your hair is beautiful.
    *Any small youtubers that would like to support each others channels?*

    _Soorryyy for spam, it just helps out a lot of small youtubers, since there
    are so many with amazing content already :) _

  • JENerationDIY 4 years ago


  • SierraMarieMakeup 4 years ago
  • anggie ar 4 years ago

    OMG u put earned it and i freaked out

  • Reckless Xx 4 years ago

    Does she live in Vancouver, BC? 

  • Qutie23 4 years ago

    Everyone is saying “this is perfect to wear to school on Valentine’s Day!”
    When Valentine’s Day is on Saturday

  • Tamy Colic 4 years ago

    Any other youtuber does not post for three weeks-it’s ok
    Bethany does not post for two or three-gets hate
    I love Siera and I don’t hate her. But I am wondering why do they hate on
    Beth if she does not post when there is a lot of youtubers who also
    sometimes are late. I am not saying they should hate on anybody because
    that is not good. Just imagine yourself in that situation where you work
    hard and then still get hate..
    Ps sorry if I wrote sth wrong, I don’t speak english :) 

  • Nicole -Jamie 4 years ago

    You’ve earned a new sub, this video is amazing and your really pretty and
    nice❤️ I love you<3

  • HungryWendell 4 years ago

    i usually dont watchyoutubers like beauty gurus and stuff but your SO

  • Viviana García 4 years ago

    Whats the name of the first and second song ? Somebody plz tell me

  • shortyloves559 4 years ago

    Omfg reading down the comments seems as if I’m the only one blown away with
    the movie projector diy

  • Hey It's Jess 4 years ago

    can’t wait to see if you’re going to upload a video about your meet up in
    vancouver :) It was so awesome meeting you, thanks for saying hi for my
    vlog <3

  • Breyonce Luckey 4 years ago

    How do you do the rotate thingy on the movie projector for a galaxy i
    really want to do it, anybody help please.

  • brooke and alexis 4 years ago

    It’s been like almost 5 weeks since you have made a new video

  • Lizzzzzzzzz 4 years ago

    I was dying when I saw ou watched Shaytards!! So cool! Loved the video by
    the way

  • Carabellaxo 4 years ago

    the video projector idea is sooooooo cool!!!

  • Karthika Gurram 4 years ago

    I luv u so much, I can’t wait until u hit 1 million subs

  • Hannah Borkovich 4 years ago

    -.- Valentines day is on Saturday… Not a school day… Lol.

  • Guddi Das 4 years ago

    You said to comment here about something that makes me happy, and its your
    cute and beautiful videos which makes me feel happy and special. Because
    you took the time to make videos for me and millions like me. Thank you for
    your amazingly beautiful and lovely videos. 

  • Kenza Tahri 4 years ago

    I would wear the pink one

  • xemmabeauty 4 years ago


  • Glamorous Inna 4 years ago


  • Gen Ong 4 years ago

    And I also have a sec 1 sister.

  • dominique tasew 4 years ago

    But this was still a great video

  • Unicorn Cookie 4 years ago

    All i concentrated on was the remix of ‘take me to church’ , at the end of
    the video

  • Tiffanyyyannn 4 years ago

    Where do you get all your fab music girl!?

  • Jerry Bujler 4 years ago
  • Shannon Carty 4 years ago

    Do you wanna be my valentine sierra??? Xxx

  • CupcakeCutie 4 years ago

    +kassandra franco Whyyy does she have to try to be like BETH WHYYY???

  • Diminda Roxas 4 years ago

    One thing i love is diys and your diys are osom
    And i give you a Thump
    From Archea.