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Primer Makeup


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  • christinabeautylife 4 years ago

    thanks! I did a video on my hair color :) /watch?v=-uTjfhd0sQw

  • Megan Renee 4 years ago

    what color is your hair in this video? LOVE it

  • Elieen Smith 4 years ago

    克莉絲蒂娜 !您的視頻是如此令人敬畏的 !

  • christinabeautylife 4 years ago


  • christinabeautylife 4 years ago

    awee thanks! :)

  • wholesalecity 4 years ago

    nice sharing, looks awesome…:)…niceeeeeee…

  • Rose Kimberly 4 years ago

    i love your hair that color christina!! gorgeous!!

  • christinabeautylife 4 years ago

    that means so much to me :) love Northern California!!!

  • Jesslee435 4 years ago

    first to post. yay! i really enjoy watching your videos, especially when you give helpful tips. can’t wait for the next vid. Jess from N CA.