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Here’s a smoky eye look with a dramatic winged eyeliner! I wore this look to a gala last weekend and so many of you requested it on Instagram, so here it is….

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  • Amanda Otto 3 years ago

    This is STUNNING. I am definitely recreating this look for an upcoming
    wedding AND pairing it with that gorgeous dress you had! LOve love LOVE.

  • Arika Sato 3 years ago

    sexy sexy. this is my favorite look! on anyone!! especially you!! #OBSESSED!!!
    <3 XOOX

  • Elle Is For Living 3 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous look. I have this palette so, thanks for the
    inspiration! ♥ Elle

  • Tiffany DeSilva 3 years ago

    totally getting that clear palette…no more mixing foundations on the back
    of my hand! haha

  • Stephanie Willis 3 years ago

    So glad you are back!! This look is stunning, but really you can do no

  • rocio 3 years ago

    You are the perfect combination between elegance and fineness

  • SelinaaaBro10 3 years ago

    In my opinion no other person on YouTube can do better eye makeup than you.
    All your looks are flawless! So glad I subscribed to your channel! I’m
    always looking forward to watching your videos. xo 

  • Bhavna Nina 3 years ago

    Love this look, especially the liner. What do you think of the ex1
    foundation? x

  • Patience Cole 3 years ago

    love this look , so pretty. neat idea cutting the lashes into smaller
    pieces. I will try that!

  • Sarah K 3 years ago

    Teni ! How come you still look good even when you’re tired from traveling?!
    Maybe you should tell us your secrets on what you took on your trip! :p

  • Rainbow Chick 3 years ago

    0:36 Ur so pretty u look like Kim Kardashian :D 

  • Rebecca Clemmons 3 years ago

    Does anyone know what setting spray she used for her under eye shadow?? : )

  • Teni Panosian 3 years ago

    I’m baaaaackkk!! It’s a bit of a longer video, but I missed you guys so I
    was extra chatty, hehe. Enjoy, love you guys!! xx

  • StyleSuzi 3 years ago

    Love this so much. It’s perfect. X

  • KiiNG DiOR 3 years ago

    Kim K is that you? Lol you looked stunning Teni

  • Malika Bala 3 years ago

    When will you do the brow lightening tutorial? :) 

  • nguyenlesly 3 years ago

    Can you please do a full review on the ex1 foundation please

  • Rachel E 3 years ago

    Looks beautiful Teni!!! I’d love to see some bits and pieces of your
    travels! Xo Rachel

  • xtorie 3 years ago

    You are so awesome Teni! It would be so cool if you did a video in Armenian

  • Kae J 3 years ago

    All your videos are guaranteed to be perfect! Every look you do is always
    so stunning xx

  • Molly Holder 3 years ago

    It was worth the wait! :) stunning as usual. Thanks for sharing. :)


  • anitatheama 3 years ago

    So beautiful!! You are a treat to watch!!

  • Olivia Nichole 3 years ago

    you’re so beautiful it makes me sad lol how can anyone ever compare to you!
    flawless makeup

  • Maria Osorio 3 years ago

    We’ve missed you. Beautiful tutorial as always :) 

  • Emma Kilpinen 3 years ago

    you’re so pretty it actually makes me uncomfortable

  • Jessica Rizk 3 years ago

    I already own the lorac pro eye shadow palette, but I feel like I should
    buy this too faced palette just because of this look!

  • Amy J 3 years ago

    Love how you explain things, makes it so easy to follow! Even for an
    eyeshadow newbie like me :) 

  • Measha Jensen 3 years ago

    Sooo in love with this look! And I love the way you applied the lashes. Im
    going to try that. I struggle so much with finding lashes that reslly suit
    my eyes, and that idea is perfect! !!!

  • ContourCrazy 3 years ago

    Love love love! Not only was the tutorial great (you looked beautiful and
    I’m definitely going to try it) but you listed all the products you used
    including the specific colours in the palette! Amazing. Thank you xx

  • Joy G 3 years ago

    Btw, you make me really want to get to Chocolate Bar palette now and i just
    bought the Lorac Pro to Go palette and bunch of other makeup. Ugh, makeup
    junkie problems. lol

  • Daniela DePalma 3 years ago

    Yah! Ur back, loved the look, chocolate eye shadows are my fav!

  • Enfis Ya 3 years ago

    You are so beautiful! And perfect! :) what can be better than a beautiful
    vegan woman:) such an inspiration ❤️

  • jeanassell 3 years ago

    Teni — who’s babysitting the pooches!? :) 

  • AVRAPHAELIA 3 years ago

    Can you say gorgeous??????? Those colours suit you so well…. Where can I
    order Lorac cosmetics to Canada? 

  • XoBeauty 3 years ago

    What setting spray do you use ?

  • Brianna Elizabeth 3 years ago

    I love RCMA foundations.. but they transfer so easily on me, even if i set
    it with their powder! Any recommendations?

  • Anna K 3 years ago

    Why you don’t powder your face? ;) 

  • Amy Di Bella 3 years ago

    Was that the Better Than sex mascara you tried?! What are your thoughts on
    it? I was really disappointed :( did nothing for my lashes!!

  • Eveline Strandell 3 years ago

    You could shave your head, dye your eyelashes green and eyebrows blue,
    you’d still look as insanely beautiful as always.. <3

  • SalShammar ASA 3 years ago

    We’ve miiiiiiiissed yooooooooooou

  • Andy N 3 years ago

    I find that the RCMA Shinto Palette is still not yellow/olive enough for
    Asian skin ):

  • Ana Davila 3 years ago

    Yea I didn’t like it, I lovvved it my lord it’s gorgeous!

  • Awewina 9730 3 years ago

    You are really Gorgeous… I love you so much!!! <3

  • Savi Sandhu 3 years ago

    where can u buy these foundation palettes from?

  • Joy G 3 years ago

    I was so excited to see a new video from you! The look is gorgeous as
    always! You are so talented! I have to say you have perfect facial features
    and any look just turns out flawless on you! ILY Teni! ;) 

  • Derek Vlado 3 years ago

    Damn you’re trying to be too swag oh my voice is so basic so laid back why
    are you lying your voice bitch

  • AssLaura 3 years ago

    The beautiful and adorable Lisa Cimorelli sent me here and giiiiiiiirl,
    you’re stunning !!! + one subbie :) ♥

  • Makeup Game On Point 3 years ago

    Teniiiiiii This is quite similar to my staple special occasion makeup look,
    I love this! So pretty 

  • vancitygurl 3 years ago

    Love ur eye color. It’s light as myne and I’m so glad that u did this
    tutorial. Now I know what suits better for light brown eyes. Love ur videos