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I have had the greatest experience with the Youngblood Cosmetics line! It’s wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone especially if you have oily skin lik…

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  • louisp 4 years ago

    Our Loose foundation has no zinc oxide in it so it wont feel dry on your skin. Its good for all skin types really. Its a luminous finish not matte. Sheer to full coverage. Watch the video of Liliana and me using the Purely the Basics kit on here.

  • kbhunny86 4 years ago

    Sorry for the late reply! I do not think this is matte at all! It shows up very glowy on my skin & on everyones skin who I know use it. I really love it, and I hope they can come out with more shades soon so I can go back to using it because I simply could not be matched perfectly.

  • nataliaj1299 4 years ago

    is the foundation itself drying or really matte? I have dry skin so I don’t want anything to matte or drying on the skin

  • kbhunny86 4 years ago

    combination between honey and barely beige.
    Had a hard time finding an exact match, but when mixed it turned out almost perfect.
    Only thing is I had to buy 2

  • qalanjoe94 4 years ago

    what’s the shade you’re using?

  • kbhunny86 4 years ago

    Hey, sorry for the late reply, just saw your post. I bought this at a local beauty store that happens to carry the line. If you go to you can find locations that carry the product near you :) hope that helps XOXOXOXO

  • ThePasu88 4 years ago


  • Flagal77 4 years ago

    Maybe it’s the lighting on your webcam but I think you went a little to light. Maybe if you mix the one you thought was to dark with the one you have on would be a perfect match. Other than that your complexion looks great!