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I’m totally going as this for Halloween 2014! WATCH IN HD 720p!!!!!!! Want More BreeAnnBarbie? **OPEN ME** WATCH BEFORE YOU ASK QUESTIONS, PLEASE! ❤WAYS TO K…

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  • BreeAnn Barbie 2 years ago

    +Emma Fish Yes I was! :) 

  • BreeAnn Barbie 2 years ago

    +Stinker Kaitlyn Morris No, not too bad.

  • BreeAnn Barbie 2 years ago

    +MissKBucks Thank you! :D 

  • aron robson 2 years ago

    Gorgeous. Even with the make up 

  • CIMYA891 2 years ago

    It may sound weird, but I think that is super cute… Awesome job Bree 

  • Emily Glish 2 years ago

    That was so gross, I love it! If I didn’t watch this and saw you, I would
    probably freak out a little bit it looks so real. Love you

  • Samantha Churchill 2 years ago

    WOW, so realistic/gross/cool! :) definately my favorite Halloween tutorial
    u done! :) Love it!! <3

  • Marcus Williams 2 years ago

    You need an award for your work……its so much more than
    great…..;-)☆☆☆☆☆5 star work……

  • mopeyg 2 years ago

    This is my favourite look I’ve seen so far!

  • Cristina Miranda 2 years ago

    Ive watched different tutorials on zipper face and omg, yours had been the
    best by far……hands down. And I like how you clearly explain everything.
    And I love love love how you didn’t complicate the situation. Kept it easy
    and simple. Thanks :-) .

  • Kristina Tocekova 2 years ago

    it looks scary and it’s so cool 

  • Brittany King 2 years ago

    This look is amazing! I really want to try this. What outfit would u wear
    with it? 

  • JMarie 2 years ago

    Girl you got skills!! Looks awesome!! 

  • Ariel Ventura 2 years ago

    Love the look

  • momobyon 2 years ago

    Wow you’ve outdone yourself. Great tutorial. :) 

  • edith Isolina 2 years ago

    LOVE IT :) omg I really love it 

  • *: Kiki :* 2 years ago

    Oh my gosh! So cool! You are awesome!! 

  • Matthew James 2 years ago

    this is so awesome

  • Rebecca Houle 2 years ago

    I absolutely love this gory Halloween look, and thanks to your awesome
    video, you’ve inspired me to do this look as well. I’m also doing the
    zipper over the eye, with some zombie makeup on the other side of my face
    to add a little more Gore. I love your channel and all your vids. Great
    job, Bree.

  • Olivia Ferrante 2 years ago

    This is amazing!! I want to do it for a party I’m going to! Can you move
    your face around allot (talking, smiling) and the latex and zipper will
    stay in place??

  • Terry Pointer 2 years ago

    Can you text me back

  • Chrissy Tullock 2 years ago

    I love it !!!

  • Jenna Cisterman 2 years ago

    I’m totally loving all the halloween looks I can’t decide which one I want
    to do for halloween lol you have serious skills when it comes to dramatic
    makeup props to ya

  • kann420 2 years ago

    I NEED that ELF pallet. I LOOVE ELF. I love this look too. I like it better
    on the side of the face than down the center. Seems people always have
    trouble talking when they do it down the center.

  • MissClayOkay 2 years ago

    This is so awesome!