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Buy my favorite makeup brushes @ Products used: Water Soap Brush for Latex Revlon ColourStay Foundation in Sand Beige Mehro…

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  • Kayla Benoza 4 years ago


  • 75mmuscles 4 years ago

    I love you you always help with so many ideas

  • emilkaszmul 4 years ago

    Her Channel is Called beautifulyoutv and she is only doing some ugly stuff

  • Gracyn Wallace 4 years ago

    could you use an old sponge to apply the latex?

  • selena85627 4 years ago

    i love how she says eeefect

  • Gabby linda 4 years ago

    lol 0:03

  • LivyRoseable 4 years ago

    That’s not even a little bit realistic

  • Siri338 4 years ago

    Oh my god! This is so cool, you are very talanted!:D<3

  • Elliekilleen 4 years ago

    Bloody hell

  • MyHelloKitty564 4 years ago

    she needs contect lens

  • Dana Dumaplin 4 years ago

    Make Jigsaw Billy Makeup Tutorial (:

  • makeupcat13 4 years ago

    And yet her eyes still look beautiful!!!! ;)

  • holly llewellyn 4 years ago

    love ur videos that is very septakiler i miht try

  • svetlanajuvan 4 years ago

    You scaredme

  • Tihen clap Nay 4 years ago

    А как белая первая житкасть называется???

  • jess mruz 4 years ago


  • malig997 4 years ago


  • BeautifulYouTV 4 years ago

    Mehron and MUFE :)

  • Hormidas Chirinos 4 years ago

    I am so gonna use this for next Halloween

  • TheHomeOfTheFurby 4 years ago

    That’s awsome where do u get liquid latex and cream colors

  • Minecraftertgt 4 years ago

    Could I get liquid latex at shoppers?

  • GuildWarsGirl17 4 years ago

    Your VERY Welcome! XOXOX, GuildWarsGirl

  • BeautifulYouTV 4 years ago

    Thank you! Your comments means a lot to me :)

  • GuildWarsGirl17 4 years ago

    AMAZING! You look like you could be a zombie on The Walking Dead! 5 stars :)

  • kybarbeek 4 years ago

    Ok thx what is it anyways

  • DandaCuteCheeks 4 years ago

    it’s actually very easy to get off. Either a wet papertissue to rub it off with or just simply brushing your teeth:)

  • IXiaoI 4 years ago

    Instead of using foundation it’s better if you use vasaline. Especially if you plan to use latex on your eyebrows. It also hurts a lot less when you take it off.

  • YouGottaLoveSydnee 4 years ago

    The way she says latex

  • pattie786 4 years ago

    i love te way u say effect x

  • KMAS0807 4 years ago

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  • KMAS0807 4 years ago

    please subscribe back. #BeatifulYouTv.

  • mypony zuli 4 years ago

    not ur best look ;)  x