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MUSIC by Stellar Kart – Get the song here: or watch the video here: PRODUCTS: (no particular …

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  • natalyapiazza 4 years ago

    Cool music and I love you

  • isabella25valdez25 4 years ago

    Badass!!! Great song(bringing back the childhood ;~;)

  • StupidPuffSheeep 4 years ago

    would be 10 times cooler if there was no “hipster” or glasses

  • musicdays21 4 years ago

    She has a couple tutorials of her dying her hair and a few other ones that show you what she used for her hair that specific time she dyed it.

  • Itsmethegirlurlookn4 4 years ago

    Look at her multiple hair tutorials.

  • Itsmethegirlurlookn4 4 years ago

    this was before she dyed it purple

  • UnCreativeBeliever 4 years ago

    You look awesome!

  • Immy Marlowe 4 years ago

    your so talented

  • Mitchix33 4 years ago

    i think it is because she first had some color of hair then eventually purple hair then orange and then red

  • Annabel Rose 4 years ago

    This isvINCREDIBLE!

  • SNIPERCHICK284 4 years ago

    This is amazing!

  • syntiria3 4 years ago

    you are so pretty <3

  • Samm Hyde 4 years ago

    Did you do that bra? or where’d you get it? I’m looking to do a ariel costume but i want a normal bra look-ish

  • SceneGirlz7 4 years ago

    that is auh mazing

  • ugotztabeekrazee 4 years ago

    Just letting you know, I’m obsessed with this cover.

  • nicole garcia 4 years ago

    what she wearing green contacts at the end?? they looked very pretty. if so where from??

  • Alice Hamilton 4 years ago

    even when you have a giant whole in your face you still look prettier than i do…

  • alishaology 4 years ago

    This is amazing!

  • jffrzn013 4 years ago

    You are hot :)  #inlove <3

  • Kaylie Bickers 4 years ago

    Where/how did you get your costume?

  • MaxineCorona 4 years ago

    Could uu do a tutorial on ur liner?

  • MonsterrLaura27 4 years ago

    Costume?!?!? How or where?! I need that!

  • CUTETT 4 years ago


  • PassionDream26 4 years ago

    OH MY GOODNESS….this is EXACTLY the hair color I want!!!! Every tutorial I’ve seen about dyeing hair red ends up being too cherry red for me! I want this orangey, red hair, what dye and process did you use to get THIS color????

  • RainFallForeva 4 years ago

    thank you Luna! you introduced me to Stella Kart! yay! I ow you!

  • KeenaVirgo89 4 years ago


  • Elizabeth Courtney 4 years ago

    @TheRedchick123 she didnt like the purple