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This offer expired on 10/31/12, but always has great savings! Check out their site :) Easy “Hungry Zombie” makeup tutorial…

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  • sludgewarfare 4 years ago

    Wow that is wicked! Nice work!

  • Sammy Say 4 years ago

    Cynthia can I be your boyfriend yes or no & what is your cell phone number?

  • Stanley Patterson 4 years ago

    Cool but her blending by her chin isnt good

  • IAmSewMoreThanISeam 4 years ago

    Holy crap you are frighteningly awesome!

  • Vasco Amaral 4 years ago


  • Vasco Amaral 4 years ago

    NAILED IT!!!!!!!!!

  • GeeTheBee104 4 years ago

    Is this prosthetic hard to get off and also can you use it more than once?

  • epicface684 4 years ago

    lol she looks like the female troll tra lalalalalalalala u mad bro lol

  • Umbazi Impopo 4 years ago

    The most sexy eyes ever seen by Umbazi Impopo. 02:38

  • Tyler Smith 4 years ago

    with soap and water…

  • Ellen Mahoney 4 years ago

    your tutorials only look good in the thumbnail

  • Neimathla 4 years ago

    you forgot to paint your nose

  • TheSrKiForum98 4 years ago


  • Rugile Vaisvilaite 4 years ago


  • lxtorana100 4 years ago

    i wish shed get it off

  • bety453 4 years ago

    im scared aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • christinecclee 4 years ago

    I,m skard

  • frankellis59 4 years ago

    One hot zombie

  • jmusic14jv 4 years ago

    luv the show honney booboo that was awsome

  • jessica kühler 4 years ago

    sprich doch nicht so schnell!!

  • devynbutler335 4 years ago

    I love Halloween yahh yeah

  • trinity emilsson 4 years ago

    this is how zombies do makeup tutorials *How to bump up your natural face*

  • trinity emilsson 4 years ago


  • SquabblingTurtles 4 years ago

    You look amazing… please check out the videos on my channel too! =D

  • AwesomeRobloxion123 4 years ago

    Amazing, il do that next holloween!

  • Alex Knowles 4 years ago

    she like a mexican katniss everdeen

  • francis turner 4 years ago

    all you make up people ROCK!

  • Eric Rudd 4 years ago

    Have you tried tearing tissues in half so you can make the sides feather out more? It makes it easier to sort of blend and smooth the rough edges. I do that with my prosthetic piece. Ordered the Crazy Grin from Woochie, and it works amazing.

  • The12CJ 4 years ago


  • The12CJ 4 years ago

    LIKE HATE IT i think it looks HORIBLE

  • agentaquarius11 4 years ago

    She looks like The zombie version of The “u mad?” troll face Lol

  • ALF5AH 4 years ago

    راااااىىىىىىىىىىع جميل جداا

  • Noralva coronado 4 years ago

    so real!!!!!

  • Noralva coronado 4 years ago


  • lelekdolga 4 years ago

    Waw :) 

  • MrJJ1030 4 years ago


  • Joyce Orstadius 4 years ago

    if you wanted to go to a hallaween party how would you eat or drink were you able to ?

  • Joyce Orstadius 4 years ago

    thats super cool but, can you reuse the face mask that you bought ?

  • pattyprolapse 4 years ago

    I really liked how throughout the whole video you were saying “it’s okay, it doesn’t have to be perfect” because you knew you were going to paint half of your face with fake blood and cover up everything you did previously anyways.

    BTW, this comment was paid for by Party City™

  • Danielius Fultinavicius 4 years ago

    zombie mouth looks like trollface

  • Kittylikeboys428 4 years ago

    rip it off like a bandage!!! :D jk lmao i sure that would damage sum skin LOL

  • mike pizano 4 years ago

    Ur sexy

  • garrylidaashley 4 years ago

    That was creepy

  • Jaden Ethier 4 years ago

    Where do you get the fake mouth?

  • mzelectrobooty 4 years ago

    thts latex is not too good the best is the sprit brand its good and clean that one is thick and too gummy

  • Joshkour 4 years ago

    10:15 tell me im priiiiity

  • gfdigger 4 years ago